1. Do your systems do stock control?


Yes, our Point of Sale systems offer you stock control based on your environment.
The cash registers will do basic one-to-one stock control and when paired with back office software, can do stock matrix and ingredients.
Point of Sale systems on the other hand will offer you a complete stock control solution.

2. Do I have to pay monthly licence fees for point of sale software?


No, we offer our clients a once-off payment with no annual or monthly license fees. We also give you updates to the software at no charge.

3. Do you rent out Point Of Sale systems and Cash Registers on a monthly basis?


We offer cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We have a system to suit every budget, and therefore we do not do monthly rentals. We believe that the system should belong to you.

4. Can I hire a system for an event or function?


Yes, you can hire systems for functions or events. We offer heavy-duty systems for events, with your selected programme pre-loaded onto the system for ease of use.

5. Do you have agents in other areas?


Yes, we have dealer networks throughout South Africa as well as in neighbouring countries. We also have agents in Zambia, Malawi, and Nigeria.

6. Can I use my own hardware?


Yes you may. Our software is very flexible and works with almost all hardware.

L7. How quickly van you set up a system for me?


We can have a system set-up and ready within 24 hours.

8. What type of back-up support do you offer?


We offer telephonic support to all our clients regarding minor queries, as well as online support for software. We aim to make all repairs within 24 hours.

9. Do you have stock scanning systems?


Yes we do. All of our cash registers and Point of Sale systems offer scanning solutions.

10. Do you stock hardware as well as software?


Yes, we stock a wide variety of hardware sourced both locally and internationally. We also offer leading software solutions.

11. Do you sell barcode printers?


Yes, we stock Birch barcode printers and other leading brands.



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Established in 1989 to fulfil a need in the industry for a company who specialised in selling a range of cash register spares and ribbons to the market, NTS began its life in the repair and maintenance of all brands of cash registers before branching out into the importation and distribution of its own products. NTS is now also proud authorised distributor of all Uniwell Products.


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