POS Hardware

POS Hardware

Let every transaction run that much more efficiently with NTS Online’s range of innovative and modern Point of Sale hardware systems that range from cash drawers and printers, to mobile ordering terminals.

Not only does NTS Online provide the best in technological improvements regarding trustworthy Point of Sale hardware, but also offers excellent technical back-up and support. NTS Online is a leader in the cash register and Point of Sale systems industry with over 20 years of industry knowledge, and sell only the finest internationally manufactured Point of Sale products.

NTS Online’s Point of Sale hardware is suited for the retail and hospitality industries, but has applications in all size and types of businesses, regardless of the size of the company. Whether you own an exclusive clothing store, a busy supermarket, or a hair salon, NTS Online will have the most suitable Point of Sale hardware for your business needs. 

Please click on the links below to find out more about the range of Point of Sale hardware that is available from NTS Online:

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ZQ-T9020 All-in-One Terminal
15" screen touch POS terminal is elegant designed, representing modern industrial level. Installatio..
ZQ-T9120 12" Touch Screen POS Terminal
Housing made by Aluminum. Fan and Fan less system optional. True flat water proof touch screen. Easi..
ZQ-T9150 15" Touch Screen POS Terminal
Housing made by Aluminum. Fan and Fan less system optional. True flat water proof touch screen. Easi..
NTS AB-F800 POS Printer
It's an innovative 80x80 fast thermal printer. Professional design dares to challenge tough working ..
Partner PT 59-10 All-in-One Terminal
Features: • 15” active colour LCD screen • 5-wire resistive touch • Up to 4GB memory • Dimensions: 3..
Features: Black mark orientation, print with fixed length: The black mark sensor orientates to print..
Partner PT 69-10 All-in-One Terminal
Features: • 5-wire resistive touch screen • Fanless • Low energy consumption • Adjustable monitor • ..
Epson TMT88V
Features: • High-speed printing of up to 300 mm/sec • Same speed for internal graphics • Multi greys..
Partner KS-6715 All-in-One Terminal
Features: • 15” LCD Touch screen • Fan-free design for quiet and anti-dust features • Push-open cove..
Epson TMU220
Features: • Compact, space-saving and versatile • Can be wall-mounted • Dimensions: 160mm (W) x 248m..
Partner SP-1000 All-in-One Terminal
Features: • Powerful 1.8 GHz dual-core processor • DDR3 memory support up to 4GB • Flexible modular ..
Partner SP-800 All-in-One Terminal
Features: • Aluminium housing • Powerful 1.8GHz dual-core processor • DDR3 memory supports up to 4GB..


Established in 1989 to fulfil a need in the industry for a company who specialised in selling a range of cash register spares and ribbons to the market, NTS began its life in the repair and maintenance of all brands of cash registers before branching out into the importation and distribution of its own products. NTS is now also proud authorised distributor of all Uniwell Products.


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