Microinvest specialises in the development and support of comprehensive back-office and front-office Point of Sale software systems and solutions. The Microinvest Point of Sale software solutions successfully automate different activities related to the monitoring and controlling of stock, inventories, operations and documents. Microinvest POS software offers the latest solutions to optimise, manage and improve all processes within your business.

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Microinvest Warehouse Pro

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Restaurant

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Retail

Microinvest Solutions




Full Order Management: Optimise and control the processes of sales, payment, splitting, and closing orders with the help of a touchscreen terminal.


Statistics and Management Reports: Detailed reports and different statistical dimensions that help you to evaluate the business performance, as well as control over staff via registration of every action and operation.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro

Inventory Management: Control over raw material consumption and planning the costs for different recipes and creating new recipes. The system is aware of the restaurant needs and gives advice on necessary purchases.


Displays orders on a screen and/or using the kitchen printer: Facilitates the work in the kitchen, showing orders list and estimating the waiting time.

Front Desk

Table Control: Manage the table status and occupation as well as the reservation process via colourful table schemes.


Home Delivery Service: Quick processing of orders, optimisation of delivery, tracking orders, and staff availability.

Mobile Service

Orders Management via Wireless Handheld Devices: Provides customer service at a higher level, improves the communication between waiters and kitchen, and minimises mistakes when taking and preparing orders.



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