Microinvest Warehouse Pro

Microinvest Warehouse Pro

Microinvest Warehouse Pro (back office) is a flexible inventory management product designed to automate all warehouse processes, from purchasing, monitoring inventory levels, to tracking sales and operating cash flows. The solution handles the management of a huge number of points of sale in real time.

The application can be used in both single and distributed multi-terminal or even multi-location warehousing and point of sale installations via its powerful database SQL capabilities.


Our Advantages

• Secure - the users identify themselves through unique passwords in order to access functions and permissions
• Scalable – easily expanded or upgraded according to client needs
• Reliable – database is always protected in moments of maximum work and multi-user environment
• No additional maintenance fees – no hidden service fees
• Free trial version - you can test-drive the fully functional version for free before you buy it

Key Features and Functions:

• Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
• Fast and easy installation - no IT knowledge required to install or setup the programme
• Operational control via custom user access rights
• It has a built-in connection to a cash register and barcode reader
• Compatible with all printers
• Generation of management reports, invoices or purchase orders in real time
• Control for suppliers' payments and deliveries
• Minimum stock quantity control
• Generic hardware requirements: runs on any Windows-powered computer
• Data imports and exports from MS Excel
• Support of different databases MS Access, MSDE, MySQL

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