Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Retail

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Retail

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light Retail is a product designed to automate the tracking of products and cash flows of stores, supermarkets, boutiques, and commercial chains of all types of sizes.

The system is capable of handling both small and simple point of sale installations, as well as chain stores with vast client bases, fast daily customer turnover, and distributed infrastructure. The software product has been optimised to work with barcode scanners, touch screen terminals, point of sale printers, and cash drawers.


Our Advantages

• Secure - the users identify themselves through unique passwords in order to access functions and permissions
• Scalable – easily expanded or upgraded according to client needs
• Reliable – database is always protected in moments of maximum work and multi-user environment
• No additional maintenance fees – no hidden service fees
• Free trial version - you can test drive the fully functional version for free before you buy it

Key Features and Functions:

• Working with the same data base as Microinvest Warehouse Pro
• Ability to work in client-server mode
• Staff member activities control
• Compatible and user-friendly interface
• Specialised customer interface
• Point of sale printers management
• Optimised for work with Touch Screen
• Daily reports - X, Z, by turnover, by user
• Issuing of all necessary documents such as stock receipts, invoices

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