LX 5600 02 / NTS S9100 02 Hospitality Cash Register

Brand: Uniwell
Product Code: LX 5600 02 / NTS S9100 02
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» LCD display (21 digits, 8 lines) with scroll functions
» Scanning system with 14 digits random PLU code having 22 digits PLU descriptor
» Standard 877 PLUs, Max. 12319 PLUs
» 64 group-As, 25 group-Bs and 10 main group-As
» 32 clerks with its own full transaction memory
» Clerk time & attendance - 3780 records (option)
» Clerk report with specified 20 PLUs or 20 group-As sales data
» Clerk interrupt system or Simple Item Track System - 50 item tracks
» Customer bill buffer records check-out bill contents excluding PLU contents (option)
» Scroll Void
» Transaction Void
» Item Transfer
» Simple Condiment PLU
» Euro Currency System
» Tray Subtotal Tendering
» ESF buffer print with max. 7943 records of ESF memory (option)
» Ticketing Function
» 25 Media Keys + 10 Preset Tender Keys
» 4 Arrangement Keys (50 key steps)
» PC Batch Communication, Programming Module PLM 2000
» Scale link
» IRC (Inter Register Communication)
    • 8 ECRs
    • 4 kitchen printers
    • 4 slip printers
    • PC communications

Free software for programming

suitable for hos LX
Scrolling display function with void
Scrolling display function with void
Inverse display
Inverse display


Free software for programming

Free software for programming

LX-5600 - 02 / NTS S9100 - 02 series are quite different from the pack: LCD is Uniwell's original with incredible brightness and clearness and very wide view angle. It fits in any operational environment! Further, a choice of multi-lined items or single enlarged PLU display method and blue or white background colour will meet various user's preference.

Choice of printer meets the requirements of various users - LX-5600 - 02 / NTS S9100 - 02 has durable 45 mm 2 sheet dot matrix printers.

Rich information contents on LCD guides you through accurate operations not only during registration but also programming - easy to grasp registered items and make void/correction with scrolling function, to program a PLU with name, price, stock control, and other settings all at once (Complete PLU Programming). Once learned, you may do away with programming manual!

The LX-5600 - 02 / NTS S9100 - 02 series offer advanced memory functions with a choice of Table Management or Clerk Interrupt system, under which multiple operators can work in turn with single key. Memory Expansion enables ESF (Electronic Store & Forward, option) data to be stored for security control and sales analysis. The standard interface allows communication with other LX terminals, kitchen/slip printers, and one of the peripherals such as PC, scanner or cashless payment system, etc. or more when the optional interface installed.

The LX-5600 - 02 / NTS S9100 - 02 series offer the ideal solution to numerous business sectors such as pub, bar, restaurant, cafe, and retail store with feature-rich firmware.


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Established in 1989 to fulfil a need in the industry for a company who specialised in selling a range of cash register spares and ribbons to the market, NTS began its life in the repair and maintenance of all brands of cash registers before branching out into the importation and distribution of its own products. NTS is now also proud authorised distributor of all Uniwell Products.


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