NTS ER 159R Retail Cash Register

Brand: NTS
Product Code: NTS ER 159R
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• 42 / 72 departments
• 3500 PLUs
• 8 clerks
• Thermal printer
• Key lock
• Stock control
• Scanning
• LCD front display
• Pop-up display
• PC link
• 4 Tax rates
• Daily and GT reports
• SD card for back-up

suitable for retail ER-159


NTS ER 159R: Ideal for supermarkets, butcheries, spaza shops, and cafés, the NTS ER 159R retail cash register has scanning and stock control capabilities, 42/72 departments, and 3500 PLUs with thermal printing.



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Established in 1989 to fulfil a need in the industry for a company who specialised in selling a range of cash register spares and ribbons to the market, NTS began its life in the repair and maintenance of all brands of cash registers before branching out into the importation and distribution of its own products. NTS is now also proud authorised distributor of all Uniwell Products.


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