This Note Counter is Robust & Accurate and Fast. Can count higher volumes than the MON001 model due to its more heavy duty chassis. This unit comes standard with UV & MG Sensors for Counterfeit Detection.
Recommended Industries: Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Pharmacies, Departmental stores, Sports stadiums, QSR’s, Petrol Stations, Currency Exchange kiosks.

• Robust chassis with heavy duty motor – suitable for medium volumes of notes
• Reduce errors relating to hand count
• Counterfeit detection: Automatic UV (Ultraviolet) & MG (Magnetic Ink) counterfeit detection sensors.
• False Note UV Detection for all currencies
• False Note MG detection for ZAR & USD Bank notes
• Displays – Side Display & External display – 1.3 m cable
• Simple to use keypad
• Automatic start/stop and manual function
• Batching function – customise how many notes to be counted per batch
• Add functionality – provides cumulative total of notes counted
• Retractable Carry Handle
• Easy access for cleaning and maintenance

• External display