NTS G800 ECR with Large Drawer





A world class entry level cash register suitable for tuck shops, beauty salons, hair dressers and massage parlours. Free software included.

• 16 Departments
• 200 PLUS’S
• Thermal Printer
• 9 Digit Customer display
• Receipt after sales function
• Scanning
• P.Link
• Percentage discount
• Void
• Refund
• Available in Small Drawer or Large Metal Drawer
• Paper width: 57mm Thermal
• Power supply: Ac100/120 or 240v, 50/60hz


The NTS G800 ECR with Large Drawer – the perfect electronic cash register for your growing business needs. With its rugged design and numerous features.

Versatile and Durable Design

The NTS G800 ECR with Large Drawer is built to withstand spills, bumps, and other accidents that may occur in a busy environment.

Quick and Accurate Transactions

This ECR has the ability to process transactions quickly and accurately, improving the efficiency of your business operations. Customers will appreciate the speed and accuracy of their purchases, allowing them to complete their transactions and move on to their next activity in a timely manner.

Large Drawer Capacity

It features a large drawer that can accommodate a high volume of cash, reducing the need for frequent cash drops. Additionally, this feature allows you to focus on serving your customers and growing your business rather than worrying about emptying the cash drawer.

High-Quality Receipts

Furthermore, the thermal printer of the NTS G800 ECR produces high-quality receipts that leave a lasting impression on customers. In addition, the clear and concise receipts provide an accurate record of the transaction that customers can refer to in case of any issues.

Invest in Your Business

Undoubtedly, upgrading to the NTS G800 ECR with Large Drawer is an investment that will pay off. Additionally, Upgrade your business with the NTS G800 ECR. With its large drawer capacity, The rugged design ensures durability and Thermal Receipt printer Secure key lock for manager control over till modes Supplied with separate cashier & manager keys makes business efficient.

The NTS G800 ECR is the perfect addition to any growing business. Its rugged design, quick and accurate transactions, large drawer capacity, and high-quality receipts, make it a reliable and efficient machine. Significantly, investing in the NTS G800 ECR is a wise decision that will help your business.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 55 × 48 × 31 cm
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